Ashish Panigrahi

Why doesn't this website have fancy colors and animations?

I prefer keeping things at a necessary minimum. Why should a website in the first place, have fancy animations and colors when just a message needs to get across? Such an ideology is suitable only for marketing and advertising sites where the appeal factor is used in luring customers. In my opinion, any other kind of website should be as minimal as possible.

The Web is bloated

The internet that we know today wasn't the same about 10-15 years back. Things used to be much simpler, page load times were significantly lower and social media was almost non-existential. With the rise of tech giants like Google, Microsoft, Facebook, etc. the billion-dollar industry of data mining began with mass surveillance becoming the norm, whether we liked it or not.

It is only when one has truly lost something, that he/she truly understands its value. The same goes with privacy. A lot of the websites of the modern web are so bloated, with all kinds of metadata collection and fancy javascript running that on disabling javascript and cookies, the websites literally break. Javascript has become a dependency for most sites to just barely function, thus severly hampering user privacy and adds to higher latency in page load times. Why bother with so much noise when one only has to get a message across?

Behind the scenes

I do not have conspicuous javascript or background processes running in this website. A bare minimum of javascript required for rendering LaTeX is used. I do not use any analytics service to see the number of page views that I get on this site. It is very minimal (as you see), loads significantly faster on poor internet connections and respects user privacy. Here is a better explanation on why the modern web sucks.

Good design is as little design as possible.