Ashish Panigrahi

Hello there!

My name is Ashish Panigrahi. I'm a 4th year physics major studying under the Integrated Master's programme at the National Institute of Science Education and Research under HBNI. My research interests lie in the experimental aspects of quantum technologies research ranging from quantum optics/information processing to cavity quantum-electrodynamics. I am actively seeking research internship opportunities for summer 2022.

I did my Bachelor's thesis with Dr. Kartik Senapati's group on spin Hall effect in NM/HM trilayer systems in fall 2021 during which I became a Qiskit advocate. You can find my full CV here.

If you have any questions, suggestions, advice or simply wish to discuss about topics that relate to me, feel free to contact me via email. See here for more detail.


The thoughts that I present in my blog are truly my own and do not represent the idealogy of the organization that I represent.


Thoughts on physics, society and technology.